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Idea + concept

A good consultation moment is key for every video project. We first discuss the core message and associated details. Who is your target group and through which channels do you want to distribute the video? Do you want multiple languages or formats? Do you need different versions? We also ask about the corporate identity guide and associated assets.



After the consultation, we create a strong story with a catchy intro, clear benefits and a powerful conclusion with a call-to-action.


For the storyboard, we thoroughly examine the corporate identity and assets. We organize everything neatly and analyze your branding. The storyboard follows the script and gives a preview of the visual style. We also send audio suggestions for the background music.



The voiceover for the video has been recorded. The voice-over is usually done by a professional voice actor or actress and tells the story of the video.


Als je het storyboard hebt bekeken en enthousiast bent, geweldig! Dan gaan we beginnen met de animatie. In deze fase komt alles tot leven! De stijl is al bepaald en het storyboard dient als leidraad. Het tempo, de overgangen en de animatiestijl  worden allemaal in deze fase bepaald. 


Sound design + audio

Animation ready and approved? Top! Then it's time for the sound design. Here, sound effects and music are added to enhance the overall viewing experience.

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